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xxl printing

  • More than 150 3d printers, UV printers & laser engraving
  • Short lead times
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  • Emil Nielsen CEO/Head of Production
  • Marcus Botha Head of Design
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am 3D-design

  • From prototyping to production models
  • Optimize for 3d printing

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3d print farm

Biggest print farm in Scandinavia

With more then 150 FDM printers, we can have a high output. With 3d printing, Paralell printing is key for speed. We can easy do mass production

We Focus on FDM/FFF Printing

  • 3 Markforged x3
  • 12 Markforged Onyx One
  • 9 Prusa XL
  • 1 Wasp 4070ZX
  • 2 Markforged x7
  • 120 Prusa Mk3/4

 UV Printing

To make our 3d prints stand out, we use a UV printer to add more value. With UV printing we can ad any logo or image in any color on any material to ad more value to the product.


With our laser machinie we can make Cork bottoms, foam inlay and engrave throphy placks.

We recycle all of our Support, Failed print and even your trash.

We recycle all of our fail prints, support but also we recive trash from others farms. with our two shredders we grind it down to 3mm flakes and then send it of to our Filament producer to make new filament. We also save all of our spools so they can get respooled.

design studio

3D scanning

3D scanning is a technology used to capture the physical shape and dimensions of objects in three-dimensional space. It involves using specialized devices called 3D scanners that emit light or lasers onto the surface of an object.

These scanners measure the distances and shapes of the object's surface points, collecting a vast amount of data to create a detailed digital representation or model of the object in three dimensions.

This resulting digital model can be manipulated, analyzed, or replicated in various ways, allowing for precise measurements, design modifications, or reproduction of the object in a digital environment. 3D scanning finds applications in fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, architecture, and entertainment, enabling accurate documentation, analysis, and recreation of real-world objects.

Design for 3d Print

Optimizing already existing 3D files for 3D printing involves refining digital models to enhance their printability, structural integrity, and overall quality when translated into physical objects.

This process is crucial to ensure successful and efficient printing while achieving the desired results.

By optimizing 3D files for 3D printing, users can achieve smoother, more accurate, and efficient printing processes, reducing the likelihood of printing errors or material wastage while ensuring that the final printed object retains the intended design and functionality.

Prototypes offering concrete evaluation.

Take the first step by coming to us with your product design/idea. With the AM printing technology prototyping have never been easier, quicker and more accessible.

Production pipeline from cradle to grave.

Come to us with an idea, a sketch, a model or even with a complete product design - where ever you are in the product and business process we will help you.

With product design, production knowledge and business side of things we are here to help you.

filament, products & more

We have developed the best 3D filament out there for end user products. Sustainable without compromising on the performance.

Trusted by both makers and businesses our 3D filaments in matte colors following the NCS color system - it's the filament that will take your 3D prints to a new level.

Aesthetic colours - Print performance - Recycled plastics, tire rubbers and more.

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industry leading filament made of sustainable recycled materials

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past projects

Guardian watch

Each Guardian piece comes in stunning 3D-printed packaging created upon demand, thus avoiding over-production. The beautiful Guardian box is made from 2nd generation recycled PLA packaging produced by Lostboyslab in Sweden.

Infinite Acoustics

Welcome to what is probably the worlds most circular speaker brand with local additive micro factories building your on demand speaker with 100% recycled materials from highways and ocean waste.Every speaker is unique and artisan, crafted by humans and 3D printers in symbios.

The Atom's patented material formula generates an arresting acoustic landscape. The command and striking beauty of a pitch black atomic array will stop you in your tracks. Welcome to the home of the goosebumps.

Trash Pickers

Håll sverige rent( The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation) needed a trash picker that was made from 100% recycle material. we design it from scratch and optimize it for 3d printing and using our rPETG, we could manufacture a strong and 100% recycle Trash picker.

Skinome Fridge Stand

At Skinome,, a Swedish skincare company, sustainability is a fundamental principle that shapes their actions. Within their value chain Skinome actively works to reduce emissions and waste and are proud to partner exclusively with companies that share a strong sustainability agenda. Our collaboration with Lostboyslab exemplifies this commitment. The Skinome fridge stand, made from reused materials like corn starch and recycled PLA plastic sourced from disposable food storage items, reflects Skinome’s dedication to sustainability.
“The added benefit of partnering with Lostboyslab is their high level of innovation which has been very appreciated when co-creating our fridgestand. It is also their flexibility and thanks to the 3D Printing, our fridgestands can be ordered in small quantities, eliminating the need for excess storage and waste.” Lydia Engholm CEO certified partner

We are a certified partner and integrator of the embedded technology or Digital Product Passport

Seamless DPP integration in parts/products

With NFC tags embedded in 3D printed parts connected to, a simple and easy way to connect product information is established. Enabled products can connect to their own lifecycle data creating true traceability. The platform allows a regular smartphone to identify a specific product by simp.

With NFC tags embedded in 3D printed parts connected to, a simple and easy way to connect product information is established. Your product becomes a true digital touchpoint and a direct opportunity to tell your story directly to consumers.'s Tap-Without-An-App secures you are always-on and always there when your customers need you.

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a flexible cloud platform

Complete lifecycle product data is our cloud platform that enables a connection between the physical product and  lifecycle product data from cradle to grave. NFC enabled parts using additive manufacturing connect the actual individual part to cloud platform, returning information about:

  • manufacturing

  • material

  • maintenance

  • assembly

  • recycling

  • spare parts

  • ownership

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IoT is a network of devices that allows data about each device to be accessed, and exchanged. platform enables complete, real-time visibility and control of any item linked to the Internet. IoT helps you solve your challenges, streamline your processes – and keep costs under control. A passive RFID system consists of RFID tags/labels, RFID readers and antennas, RFID middleware, and in most cases, RFID printers.

Advantages of passive IoT

The “passive Internet of Things”  obtains energy from the environment. Liberated from batteries or power cords passive IoT terminals can be very low-cost and small-size. Advantages include:

  • Traceability

  • Recyclability

  • Product information

  • Digital spare parts

  • Assembly info

  • Material data

point of sale like never before

Understand customer needs with real-time analytics, set content logic based on product data, location information, previous consumer actions, and more to ensure everyone is guaranteed a relevant message.

end to end functionality is a cradle to grave life cycle product information platform, connecting 3D-printing teams, sales & marketing, and end users.

Brand owner

A Team consists of account profiles (individuals) that work together in a Team. They share material, products and parts.  A team would host a manufacturing facility producing parts.

A client is the brand owner and has the rights to the products and parts. A product always belong to a client (brand owner).

Team Cloud admin is the connection between users, brands and manufacturers. The platform allows you to gather and store lifecycle information and make it available when needed. With 3D printing we can build a process of manufacturing that allows every single item to be unique. That means not only from mass customisation point of view, but also unique in that it will get a NFC (Near Field Communication) tag embedded inside the main part of the product.

The framework eliminates the need for an app for the end user.

Our system uses the internal standard “tap” to open a URL that is unique to each product manufactured with Nothing needs to be installed on the Android or iOS phone to read the data by tapping on the part. NFC needs to be enabled in the settings for the Andriod phone, Apple iOS is always on.

The passive IoT from

to grave

In an ever-more competitive global marketplace, IoT-enabled smart manufacturing offers vastly improved visibility into assets, processes, and products. Take control of every step of the product journey by identifying, tracking and tracing products throughout the entire supply-consumer chain. IoT saves time and money by improving performance, while also gaining insights that can bolster your R&D process..

true tracEability

Today’s consumers demand transparency into how products are sourced and manufactured. offers a trusted, dynamic experience including  location-based end-of-product-life instructions for recycling or reselling.

NFC tag ISO 144443

NFC tags for integration during 3D printing. The 25 mm diameter NFC tag 213 (RFID) is for embedding inside a part, a slot of 26x1 mm and a pause in the G code will allow adding the chip during printing. Compatible with product lifecycle solution and enables you to add the chip after production, on packaging or on products where integration is not possible.

NFC chip integrated inside

NFC tags for integration during 3D printing. They are developed for Lostboyslab specifically with FDM/FFF and 3D printing and with bed temperatures up to 90 degrees. Works on Prusa, Markforged etc with PLA, PETG, Onyx etc. Factory APP

Part of the toolset is an Andriod and iPhone App that enables the 3D technician to quickly wake up the NFC tag and connect it to the cloud database. Choose brand and product and it will retrieve data from various sources and hard code the products tag with its now unique identity, cloud Admin

The cloud admin is a web based administration where all brands, products, parts and the 3D print farms with their 3D technicians are hosted. Products are added with their detailed information about product, manufacturing, material, recycling, support and spareparts that then will be connected to the physical part.

editor and unit view will enable buyers of products to know where the material comes from, when and where the product is manufactured, how to assemble and disassemble it and how to repair and recycle the product.

Easily manage your product data on the hosting platform.

The product page editor assists you in deciding what information should be displayed in the UNIT PAGE view. In the editor you can switch on and off whole sections like spare parts, introduction, assembly, material and support sections.

Live sync between editor and unit view.

The cloud admin view allows for teams to organise product information and keep track of all parts manufactured as they get a unique code for each individual Product. The admin allows for live updates, so information never grows old.

  • Easy maintainance/updating

  • Secure hosting environment

  • Guides and support

join us

Why use a lifecycle cloud platform, 3D printing and recycled materials for your product design and manufacturing? Why connect the parts with their own traceability data? Join us today for a limited number of development partners that will work close together in our partner program.

Smarter Products with additive

The next industrial revolution is upon us. is aimed to be a glue, a connection between users, brands and manufacturers to gather and store lifecycle information and make it availible when needed. With 3D printing we can build a process of manufacturing that allows every single item to be unique. That means not only from mass customisation point of view, but also unique in that it will get a NFC (Near Field Communication) tag embedded inside the main part of the product.

Need spares? - order or 3D print

With you have direct access to spare part information and additional features like download of parts in a digital form for printing new spares on your own. It is up to the actual brand owner  to allow for different features possible in the platform.A quick "blip" with your iPhone or Android will take you to the products totally unique home on where your owner information and other info regarding recycling, material, warranty and assembly instructions are available.

Smart and connected - Use the NFC tags inside to drive home automation

Another benefit of the platform and 3D printed manufacturing means, is that the Integrated NFC tag has the ability to be connected not only to The tags can also be used for automated shortcuts for smart home applications like Apple Home, Google Home and Alexa. The main tag is locked for, but can be a link to home automation. Some 3D printed products have additional tags can be modified by you.


Partner program open to apply for universities, brand and product owners, manufacturers and 3D print farms

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Lead time reduction and a powerful cost saver.

A digital warehouse enabled by local eco-systems present actual lead time reduction, responsible use of resources, and progress for the local communities. Direct access to 3D printing services reduces the need to stockpile components. Replacements needed may be 3D-printed instantly, saving both time and money.